Top Ten Spider-Man Stories to Adapt for the Marvel Cinematic Universe

With the the massive news of Spider-Man joining the MCU, there's a lot of questions up in the air. Is it definitely going to be a reboot? If so, who's going to play Spider-Man? Is it even going to be Peter Parker in the webs? (My answer- yes, but I can almost guarantee you that Miles Morales will show up quickly.)

My first thought though is what stories are they going to adapt? Sure, we've only seen one direct adaption of an existing storyline in the MCU so far, so at best, we may only see loose adaptions of any of these. But who knows? Spidey has so many iconic stories out there, we shall see. For the most part, these aren't "This is an iconic Spider-Man story that needs to be adapted" but "This would be a fantastic story to involve Spidey in the MCU."

Disclaimer- I'm not going to include two major stories- Amazing Fantasy #15 and Civil War. We already know Civil War is happening in one form or another, and Marvel has stated that they're veering away from origin stories.


Some SPOILERS below.

So here's my picks.

10. My Friends Can Beat up Your Friends (Avenging Spider-Man #1-3)

This falls into the "loose adaption" category, but it seems like almost a no brainer. The actual story involves the Red Hulk and Spider-Man teaming up with Mole Man to save New York from subterranean barbarian Moloids. You can see the problems with a direct adaption (no Red Hulk in the MCU, Mole Man is a Fox-Marvel character, etc). However, a Spider-Man/Hulk team-up is a no-brainer, as it's always fun on the page, and with a few tweaks, this could be a great movie. Maybe swap Mole Man for a Leader/Doc Ock team-up, and obviously Red Hulk for Banner. Peter's youthful genius, up against Banner's jaded (sorry!) cynical smarts would make for a lot of fun.

9. The Omega Effect (Collected in Daredevil by Mark Waid v3)


Now that Marvel Studios has Spider-Man, Daredevil and Punisher all back under their umbrella, a team up between these three heroes is bound to happen. In this story, Peter Parker, Matt Murdock and Frank Castle all team up to keep a device called the Omega Drive out of the hands of 5 rival criminal organizations (including Hydra and AIM). It's a fairly straight forward story, but it would be a lot of fun to see these three icons finally on screen together, and it would be a great introduction for Frank Castle to the MCU.

8. Captain Universe (Spectacular Spider-Man #158-160, Web of Spider-Man #59-61, Amazing Spider-Man #327-329)


After a lab accident endows Peter with a force called the uni-power, he becomes the cosmic-powered Captain Universe. This is a memorable (partly because Peter was suddenly a match for the Hulk) but not particularly famous story. So why include it here? Easy- it makes for a Guardians of the Galaxy/Spider-Man crossover, and who wouldn't want to see Peter Quill and Rocket trading barbs with Spider-Man?


7. Spider-Island (Amazing Spider-Man #666-673 plus numerous tie-ins)


Simply put, this is one of the best recent Spider-Man stories out there. A batch of genetically engineered bed bugs give New Yorkers spider-powers in a plot to take over the city. Sure, it's a lot more complicated than that, but it could be simplified to that level pretty easily. The villains in the original story (the Jackal and the Queen) have a lot of baggage, but like the Hulk team-up, it could be simplified to a more iconic Spider-villain, such as Norman Osborn or Otto Octavius. The scope is massive though- Peter has to solve the infection, while protecting the city from Spider-powered baddies and taking care of his friends and family. It would be a great capper movie for phase 4 or 5 of the MCU- the Avengers appear throughout the story, with some (Hawkeye) even gaining Spidey powers themselves, while others (Captain America in particular) play crucial roles.

6. Secret Wars (Secret Wars #1-12)


Sure, this is a Marvel-wide story, but several crucial Spider-Man moments happen in the story. I'm talking about the original Secret Wars here, not the upcoming spring 2015 event. Multiple Marvel heroes, villains and civilians are kidnapped by an all powerful being called the Beyonder and are forced to fight and survive. This could easily be Avengers 5, with an off-beat mix of heroes, and even an introduction to some heroes and villains. Why is this included in a list about Spider-Man though? One word- Venom. Secret Wars introduced the alien costume/symbiote that eventually became one of Peter's most iconic villains. Just how awesome that would that be- Avengers 5: Secret Wars, followed closely by Spider-Man: Venom.

5. Venom (Amazing Spider-Man #300)


Which leads us right into this- the introduction of Venom. This could be Spider-Man 3 done right- after introducing the symbiote in a previous movie, Peter could reject the symbiote, leading to it bonding to Eddie Brock, and the frightening rivalry between the two. This could be a superhero horror movie, with a monster stalking Peter and whoever is chosen as his love interest for this series. A monster that knows Peter as well as he knows himself.

4. The Death of Spider-Man (Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #156-160)


Peter Parker makes the ultimate sacrifice to save his family and friends in his great battle against the Green Goblin, ending in... well, you get it. A heart breaking story, and one of the great modern Spider-Man stories. And it leads us right into...

3. Miles Morales: Spider-Man (All New Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #1-5)


Already, fans are rallying for Miles to star in the MCU Spider-Man movies, but to get to Miles, you need to have Peter and his sacrifice first. Miles was inspired by Peter's sacrifice to become the new Spider-Man. Plus, the character is less than a decade old, but already Miles is massively popular. You know he's going to be introduced into the MCU eventually, but the question is how and when. This is a great transition between icons though, and could truly be a groundbreaking cinematic event. Honestly though, it's not likely we'll see Peter die, but I would be amazed if Miles isn't introduced. (In my opinion, as great as this arc would be, I think we'd be more likely to see a loose adaptation of Spider-Men- a team up between Peter Parker and Miles Morales about a year after Miles' introduction- minus all the universe hopping shenanigans.)

2. Breakout (New Avengers #1-6)


Spider-Man was an ally of the Avengers through most of his career and was occasionally a reserve member, but he was never an official active member until this 2006 relaunch of the Avengers. Electro stages a supervillain breakout from a prison called the Raft, resulting in a team-up of Spider-Man, Captain America, Luke Cage, Daredevil, Iron Man, Spider-Woman and Wolverine, who officially become a new team of Avengers. The breakout also reveals an alien conspiracy that unravels SHIELD as we know it.

1. Kraven's Last Hunt (Amazing Spider-Man #293-294, Spectacular Spider-Man #131-132, Web of Spider-Man #31-32)


Most of the rest of this list have been stories that would be cool to see, mostly to integrate Peter Parker into the MCU. This entry though, is considered one of the greatest Spider-Man stories of all time, if not THE greatest. It almost NEEDS to be adapted. Kraven the Hunter takes his rivalry with Spider-Man to a whole new level, and actually "kills" him, shooting Peter and burying him alive. His love for Mary Jane helps Peter fight out of the grave, and leading to a final confrontation with Kraven. Kraven, thinking he's lost, ends up (SPOILERS!) taking his own life in shame.


Thoughts? Agree, disagree?

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